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Mayor's Friday Message

Another great week here in the Village. The rain has kept fire and public works busy.
Great success with Neighborhood Night out, which happened on Tuesday night. Between us, members of the police department, the Fire department , the Village administration and I went to 8 neighborhood parties arranged by citizens. What a great showing of support for safe neighborhoods. Keep watching out for each other and checking Next Door for updates.

Thanks also to the willingness of volunteers to step up and help out. We are moving ahead with the re-establishment of a Water Commission. A highly qualified group of volunteers will be assessing a former report and looking at future directions. We expect the Village to receive the updated report and recommendations in the next few months. Don’t worry- lots more opportunities to help our community will be forthcoming!

The Village is looking forward to a great and productive year with Corrales Main Street as they work on their deliverables for the benefit of economic development. Also, Starry Night, the annual Main Street fundraiser is happening on Saturday August 26. Still time to get your tickets and come to “Margaritaville.”
Status update on the bonds that were overwhelmingly passed by our citizens.

The Village is moving forward with making the public bond monies available. First out will be infrastructure improvements and public works upgrades that were already on the drawing board at the time of the election.  We are now moving forward on projects related to the rest of the bonds. We are working to make sure the process is open and fair. Keep posted for details.

Welcome to our newest police officer Sean Garza. We are happy to have you here with us.

Time to submit your images of the Old Church if you want them on display during the Heart of Corrales Fiesta. For details, go to the Corrales Historical Society website.

Finally, check out the wonderful pictures from the Corrales Police Department’s Cops and Crayons program. They gave out 150 backpacks, fully loaded with school supplies, this morning at the elementary school. Wow. Those of you who contributed have started many of our kids off to a great start this school year. Thank you Officer Rogers and the whole PD for your community efforts.

Have a wonderful weekend.
JoAnne Roake


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